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Early Learning and Child Care Directory

The Early Learning and Child Care Directory Map is designed to show the location of regulated child care services and family resource programming in Newfoundland and Labrador. If you are searching for a particular child care centre this option may be found under "Child Care Centres by Name" in the menu bar to the left.

On the map, Child Care Centres (CC), Family Resource Centres (FR) and Satellite Locations (SL) are pinned by address, while Family Child Care Providers (FC) are grouped by community. Clicking on a specific pin provides additional information. Pins for each service type can be removed from the map by clicking on the checkboxes to the right of each service type, which will remove the checkmark, thereby removing those pins from the map.

Clicking on a pin opens a box about the service - more information about the service may be accessed by clicking "more details". In the "more details" section a child care centre may be noted as receiving an operating grant. The Operating Grant Program requires participating centres to charge no more than current daily subsidy rates; $44/day for infants (birth to under 24 months), $33/day for toddlers (24 to under 36 months), $30/day for 3 up to 13-year-olds in full day care, and $14/day for afterschool programs (up to 13 years of age). Child care centres participating in the Operating Grant program are not permitted to surcharge parents above these rates. The Provincial Government provides an operating grant to these centres to compensate for lost revenue, based on average market rates for parent fees. Further information may be found here

Clicking on "add to short-list" allows you to keep a list of quicklinks for services you are interested in - the short-list is for your current session only and may be accessed by clicking on "My Shortlist" in the menu bar to the left.

Geographic area can be searched using the zoom features on the map (vertical +/ - bar, and/or direction arrows), or using the Route or Community search options on the right side of this page. Zooming in will also ensure that you see all pins for s specific area - in areas where there are a number of pins some pins may "hide" behind others unless zoomed in.

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