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Current Violations

Violation Orders are issued to a child care centre licensee, an individually licensed family child care provider, or the family child care agency, when one or more legislative requirements are contravened. Family child care providers approved under the Agency licence are issued Notices of Corrective Action.

Below is a list of current Violation Orders for child care centres; those which have been issued within the past 90 days (beginning September, 2015). Violation Orders older than 90 days (and those issued prior to September 2015) may be found on individual child care centre details pages, or by contacting the EECD office in your region. Information on Violation Orders or Notices of Corrective Action issued to family child care providers may be obtained by contacting the EECD office in your region or Family and Child Care Connections.

Please Note: Violation Orders issued since September, 2015 are posted on the Directory. Information on those issued prior to this date is available by contacting the EECD office in your region or Family and Child Care Connections.

IssuedLegislative ReferenceDescriptionCompliance DeadlineCompliance MetCentre NameCommunity
2018-03-0865(1)(a)Daily outdoor play space inspection was not completed on the above date.2018-03-082018-03-08Discovery Days Children's CentreSt. John's
2018-03-0139(1)(c)The child care service did not have a gate that was kept safely closed when not in use. A child was able to push the gate open and wander away from the Centre.2018-03-012018-03-01Discovery Days Children's CentreSt. John's
2018-03-0119Child left outdoor play area through a gate and was absent from the Centre for a period of time before being returned. Child was not supervised at all times in a manner that was developmentally appropriate.2018-03-012018-03-01Discovery Days Children's CentreSt. John's

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